Mary Howard is a passionate, lifelong learner currently focused on infusing instructional technology, social and emotional intelligence skills into the every day instruction.  Mary served as the Vice Principal for the students and staff of the school for Business, Technology, Marketing and Finance in Paterson, New Jersey.  During her tenure, the graduation rate set the largest increase in growth at 12.9% (see article here).  Ms. Howard is an educator dedicated to optimizing instruction that successfully prepares our young people with their choice of college or career.  Her mission is to instill an energy and enthusiasm in staff and students that motivates them to continue to ask questions and seek solutions in an entrepreneurial and global spirit.  Mary encourages students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers that are engaged in and take ownership over their own learning.  Click here for Mary’s current resume: Website Resume 2021.

Previously, Mary served as the Business Department Supervisor for the John F. Kennedy Education Complex of Paterson Public Schools.  She worked with the school community to achieve a standard of excellence and enhance student achievement through transformative, data driven instruction.  Under her leadership, the business team transformed into three Perkins approved Programs of Study experiencing many great accomplishments including the following: School Based Enterprise Water Project.

Computer Teacher, September 2019 – present
Woodrow Wilson Middle School for Clifton Public Schools, NJ

High School Vice Principal, January 2017 – June 2019
School of Business, Technology, Marketing, & Finance for Paterson Public Schools

Business Department Supervisor, December 2013 – December 2016
John F. Kennedy Educational Complex Paterson Public Schools, NJ

Instructional Technology Coach, November 2012 – December 2013
Passaic High School for Passaic Public Schools, NJ

Computer Teacher and Building Technology Liaison, September 2007 – November 2012
Christopher Columbus Middle School for Clifton Public Schools, NJ

Middle School Mathematics Teacher, September 2005 – June 2007
Paterson Public Schools

Title One Resource Teacher K-8, September 2003 – June 2005
Catapult Learning Inc.

In – Store Marketing Coordinator, June 2001 – September 2003
United Retail Group, Inc.

➢ NJ Principal Standard Certificate NJL2L Completer Spring 2019
➢ NJ Supervisor Standard Certificate
➢ K-8 Content Knowledge Standard Certificate
➢ Mathematics Specialization: Grades 5-8 Standard Certificate
➢ K-12 Psychology Standard Certificate
➢ SLE Supervision Experience
➢ ISTE, NJECC and NJASA Presenter
➢ Highly Effective Evaluation Ratings

The Paterson Public School District is a diverse urban school district located in northern New Jersey. As the third largest school district in New Jersey, the district employs approximately 3200 teachers and enrolls 29,000 students in 54 schools.

Mary Howard was previously an Instructional Technology Coordinator at Passaic High School.  She is honored to have worked with the outstanding Technology Department in the 2nd largest U.S.  1:1 Chromebook Initiative with students grade 6-12.  Mary has had the opportunity to work with the school community to implement various innovative instructional strategies in the classroom.  As a Google Certified Educational Trainer and Intel Teachers Engage Community moderator, Mary provides staff and students with collaborative learning experiences that promote creativity and innovation.

Her goals include assisting educators in integrating technology in the classroom to engage students in their instruction while preparing for NJSLS, college, career and citizenship.   Mary leads staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare students for success.  Mary has had opportunity to work with educational powerhouses LogicWing and November Learning to incorporate valuable knowledge into effective professional development that has a positive impact on instruction and learning.  Her ideal is to create classroom experiences with transformative lessons providing students with authentic learning experiences.

Mary transitioned into the education industry and hopes to continue to influence education with a strong business background and passion for teaching and instruction.  Her strategic thinking and organizational skills allow Mary to view the big picture and then work backwards to create attainable, measurable goals.  She began her teaching career in a Middle School Mathematics classroom in Paterson Public Schools and moved on to instruct Computer Applications for Clifton Public Schools.  She has had the opportunity to write curriculum, build a course scope and sequence and create content area assessments that were approved at the state level.  Mary had great success in the classroom allowing her students to work independently to own their project based learning and create authentic, innovative evidence of their learning.  During her tenure at Clifton Public School, Mary was the building technology liaison.  Mary’s approachable and efficient work ethic makes her an ideal candidate for working with administrators, staff and students in skill levels that may be outside their comfort zone.  Mary also strongly considers the viewpoints of all stakeholders and makes decisions to support the entire school community.

Mary first completed a double Bachelors Degree in both Business Administration:  Marketing and Psychology.  She began her career working as a Marketing Coordinator for a fashion retailer with over 300 stores nationwide.  She was responsible to collaborate with the corporate staff to create clear and effective communications for all stores level managers.  Mary’s business experience has left her with a strong imprint on the importance of strategic thinking and a clear vision for success in all efforts.

Having an insatiable desire to learn, Mary has completed both a Masters in Educational Technology and Educational Leadership with highest honors.  Mary plans to continue her career in education as a strong leader making decisions that have a positive influence on our invaluable bottom line, our students.

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