Onward and Upward

It is truly amazing how everything really does “happen for a reason.”  As I update my bio and gather tip bits of random information for a variety of projects I am working on, I cannot help but spend some time reflecting.  I feel tremendously Blessed by the variety of outstanding and fabulous people I have had the pleasure to meet, work with and learn from along my career journey.  Thankful to continue to along this pathway.  Embrace the present because it is always teaching us something.  #thankful #blessed #celebrateEd.

Mary Howard, Educator and Lifelong Learner

Mary Howard is currently the Vice Principal of  Business, Marketing, Technology and Finance Academy of Paterson Public Schools, NJ.  PPS is a diverse, urban district striving to prepare all students for college and career success.  Previously the Supervisor of the Business Department, Ms. Howard has experience coordinating Perkins Funding, implementation of innovative professional development, GAFE rollouts and effective use of the Teacher Evaluation instrument.

Mary Howard is a passionate, lifelong learner and educator dedicated to optimizing on instruction for students of all ages and experience levels.  Her mission is to instill an energy and enthusiasm in staff and students through innovative resources and encourage them to continue to ask questions and seek creative solutions.  Mary contributes to the Intel Teach Engage Community and is a Google Qualified individual.

Mary works with staff, students and educational technology integration specialists, to create technology-infused curriculum and lead professional development for teachers and administrators on enhancing classroom instruction and student engagement with 21st Century College and Career skills.  She is also responsible for supporting teachers through embedded in-classroom coaching with knowledge and resources for an innovative classroom.  Mary was previously part of the technology team rolling out 5,000 Samsung Chromebooks in a 1:1 computing program spanning grades 7 through 12.



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